We’ll Repair And Restore Your Kilim Rugs | Here’s How

Often, we’re called when kilim rug cleaning is needed, as we have been trusted and preferred for years by those who need kilim rug cleaning in NYC. But sometimes, rug cleaning cannot take place right away, and this is because rug restoration is needed first. One should clean a rug after it has been restored, as doing things in reverse order would likely put the rug in harms way.
Our team has been specializing in kilim rug restoration since we started our business years ago, and these days we are sought after by those who want to avoid expensive rug replacement. We understand that kilim rugs are special Turkish rugs, and we know that they require care and attention. Our experts will always handle your rugs with care!
If you got a kilim rug years ago and you'd like to make it look like it was just purchased yesterday, we are the pros to get in touch with. We’ll have your rug back to you before you even miss it, and our restoration services won't break your bank.


Get Rug Recoloring From Our Experts

When a rug begins to lose its visual appeal, this can be quite depressing. But just because your rug is starting to fade doesn't mean it's destined for the garbage. Just get a rug recoloring service from our trusted experts. They'll make your rug look brand new again. You won't have to worry about rug dye running or the rug’s pattern being messed up. Our rug recoloring specialists are meticulous and they’ll make sure your rug looks perfect.

Getting Rug Reweaving Is A Good Idea

A rug will stay intact for years after it's purchased, but eventually it'll begin to unravel. This is especially true with kilim rugs, as they don't have piles. If your kilim rug is beginning to unravel, calling a specialist will be a good idea. Kilim rugs aren’t the only rugs that require reweaving often. Moroccan rugs and oriental rugs require this as well, and so do hand-woven rugs. And if your rug has been damaged by moths and/or other insects, it's likely that a reweaving service will help a lot.

When Rug Binding Is Absolutely Necessary

A kilim rug binding service can come in handy, especially if your rug is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Our experts will bind your rug using binding tape or a special sewing machine, and we’ll always pursue the most affordable option. Binding doesn't take a long time, so there’s a good chance we can provide a same-day binding service for you.

You Won't Go Wrong With Rug Fringing

A rug fringing service is ideal for those rugs that are on their last legs. When your rug’s fringe begins to go, it won’t be long before the rest of the rug goes with it. Our technicians will fix up your rug so that the fringe is sturdy for years to come, and this service will save you from getting an expensive kilim rug replacement.